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$5900 Upgraded Funeral

If you are looking for a more refined funeral package, we have put together an arrangement whick includes upgraded coffins, memorial cards, book and flowers and much more.

For our cremation packages please visit our sibling website.

Transfer from Hospital or Coroners*
* Nursing Home, Home or After Hours transfer incur a surcharge
Appropriate Hygienic Treatment and Dressing
UPGRADE Wood bar handles Polished Coffin Rosemahogany / Maple
Death Certificate
Larger Floral Casket Cover Spray
A4 Graphic Designed photo Frame
250 x order of service or memorial cards.
Power Point presentation with up to 5 photos
1 hour service in our Chapel in Roselands for viewings or service
Hearse and Staff to Church
Memorial Guest Book
Hearse & Staff to Graveside
Cemetery Fees are not included
Clergy / Celebrant fees are not included
Registration to Tribute Page
Donation set up for charities
Sedan family car
Religious Shroud

To find out more please contact our office on 1800 940 592 or alternatively fill in the form below to have a staff member contact you.